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Brewery Hunting Torrance California

Brewery Hunting: Torrance, CA

With a free Sunday afternoon, most people would just kick back and relax. I'm not that much into relaxing, so I took the opportunity to visit five craft beer breweries in Torrance, California that are literally within a mile of each other.…

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Ticket Stubs From 2016 MLB Futures Game Home Run Derby All-Star Game

2016 MLB All Star Game in San Diego

After attending three days of the All-Star Game festivities, I can't believe I haven't tried to attend this sooner. Just an incredible event to see live, and a must if you are a baseball fan. I had opportunities to attend the…

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Fernando Tatis Hits 2 Grand Slams One Inning

Fernando Tatis Mania

Fads come and go, but there a few times in life that you can say you witnessed something will become a legend. Especially in baseball. Major League Baseball originated in 1869. So the occurrence of something happening that has never…

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Curt Schilling Shadow Mountain High School Matadors Varsity Baseball 1985

Curt Schilling and the ground out

As a young athlete, I was mediocre. I had moments of brilliance, but I could also have times where I looked as if I forgot how to play the sport entirely. I tried hard, but Bo Jackson I was not. In the…

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